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Racing Wheels - Official Import

BBS Motorsport is not only your supplier for original racing wheels and parts, we also do complete wheel revisions, for the 3 piece wheels and the mono bloc wheels!

All the wheel revisions are performed in the BBS motorsport production facility in Germany.

What exactly is a wheel revision?

First the wheels are subjected to some test to see if the wheel is in proper condition:

  • runout check (max 1,5 mm)
  • balance check (max 120 gr)
  • cracktest: this test shows the (invisible) cracks trough bathing the wheel in UV reflecting fluid, after this bath the wheel is visually checked, trough the help of UV light for micro cracks in the wheel centre or monobloc wheel.



After the wheels/centres have passed all above test they go trough the sandblasting and we do the painting in your desired RAL-colour or the patented classic original BBS gold colour!

Now your wheels are like new!
For the 3 piece wheels: we assemble the centre with a new sealing, valve, bolts and washer.

If trough testing we found some deviation on the measurements (runout and balance), we will discuss the situation with you and find the best solution to repair the rim (eg new outer rim halve,…)


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